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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

PostHeaderIcon With the luck of the Irish….(5 HBin5 –Pesto/Pine nut dough-)

I might never get to the end of the Rainbow but who needs that Pot of Gold anyhow when one has Havarti cheese with Jalapenos sitting in the fridge.
Even King Midas found out the hard way that you can’t eat gold.
Now cheese on the other hand, cheese you can eat in all sorts of ways and you are only restricted by your own imagination. The French love their cheese so much they even enjoy it for dessert.
What would go better with Pesto and pine nuts than some cheese? I first thought of Parmesan but that would have been to dry, Mozzarella would have been great because it melts into such a nice gooey mess. My choice however fell on the Havarti cheese with Jalapeno that I had sitting in my fridge waiting for it’s final destiny.
This is again a recipe from the HBin5 book and one of the recipes for this month challenge at Michelle’s blog Big black dog
This dough was sort of a pain to work with but it smells so good.
It’s very wet and I was thanking my bench knife for having found it’s way into my kitchen. I sure needed it’s help, that and a good helping of flour.
DSCF1206Roll out the dough and place some cheese in the middle. Roll it up from the long side and coil it into a snail.DSCF1207                         Half of the dough went into this “snail” loaf
DSCF1208   The other half was turned into three rolls with a junk of cheese in the middle
DSCF1210 this dough is so wet that you can’t move the rolls after they have been placed on the baking sheet. Make sure you place them where you want them or use a piece of parchment paper under the rolls.
I let them rest about 20 minutes before baking them. Big mistake they spread quite a bit. Next time I would bake them right away. If I where to bake a loaf I would put it into a loaf pan to bake to avoid the spread.
Bake at 400F for 25-30 minutes.
DSCF1211This is the coiled roll. The dough is so soft it did not keep it’s shape but it does taste amazing.
I liked this bread a lot. The jalapeno in the cheese gave it a kick which works perfect with the pesto.
This dough would be also great with some red pepper flakes and no cheese.
You have not baked this bread yet? All I can say is “you are missing out”!
Next HBin5 breads will be revealed on Aprils fool day.
Since I am no fool I will not be waiting for that day to heat up my oven to crank out some more delicious baked goods.
It’s getting closer to Easter and I have some great recipes I want to share with you. So come back often and check what’s new! Happy baking…


Mama Peck said...

I had a similar problem with spreading with my loaf. But that's easy to over look when it tastes so good! I love the idea of hiding chunks of cheese in your bread.. sounds yummy! and they look delicious. Thanks for sharing. :)

Darlene said...

I love the idea of hiding cheese cubes in the buns! These look great!

Elwood said...

I love harvarti cheese and I know it tasted great with this bread!

Bonnie said...

Petra, so funny to me that your dough spread. My first batch was so dry that I had to add water to the second. Must be my climate and the flour I used. I loved this bread. Your snail loaves are always so beautiful. I'm going to shape my next loaf like this.

Femalechef said...

Great job........love your shapes!!!

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

What a great idea to put cheese inside! I love the creativity of this group.

Mary J said...

I like your idea of planting cheese inside the
bread. Looks yummy. Just made some too. It does
spread alot and will use your idea of parchment
paper the next time I bake this bread. Thanks
for the tip!!

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