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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Bagels anyone? (5 HBin5 –Avocado/Guacamole dough)

Yesterday I posted about my take on the Avocado/Guacamole dough making some awesome croissant that you should really try out for yourself. Those are long gone and only one of the buns remain. Time for drastic measures (well, not really but it sounds good, doesn’t it) “Nachschub” as we Germans like to say must be baked. This dough really is my favorite so far.
Just for clarification I did alter the recipe a little. I bake with spelt flour only (any of my baked goods, no wheat), I did not add garlic or tomatoes but I added roasted onions.
I made two bagels because we only have a small force eating here at this time (me).
The bagels where shaped into a roll first, rested for 20 minutes, shaped into a bagel (simply poke a hole in the middle with your fingers and shape it into a bagel), rested 20 minutes more and went into the fridge overnight to proof.
DSCF1159 This morning I got the bagels out of the fridge and set them in the kitchen to warm up about an hour. While you bring your water to a boil heat up the oven to 450F. I add a metal dish to the oven to heat up at the same time to hold the water to create the steam.
DSCF1162 This picture shows some boiling water with 1T baking soda. I left the bagel on the proofing paper because i found out in my earlier bagel baking adventures that the dough is so soft that it loses it’s form real easy. Cook it for 1 minute on each side or 2 if you like a more chewy bagel.
DSCF1166 simply turn it over after 1 minute and remove the paper (I flip it over holding the paper as I go)
DSCF1167 Gotta love well used silicon mats! Place the bagels on a baking sheet, add a cup of water to your metal dish to make steam and bake for five minutes, turn the sheet 180C if your oven bakes uneven and bake about 5 minutes more. They should have a nice color.
DSCF1171                                                  Bagels anyone?

It really worked! What I hold in my hand and eat at this exact time is a Bagel!      This so is my favorite dough so far, have I mentioned that before?

Come back tomorrow or Thursday to find out what I did with the       Pesto Pine Nut dough

These bagels will be Yeast spotted
Yeast spotters: If you don’t have the book and are not sure if you would like to get it try out this master recipe for the ABin5 which uses all white flour. You can find a link to the whole wheat recipe version here. From there add what you like. I added roasted onions and avocado.


Chow and Chatter said...

oh wow love bagels and this looks great we also enjoyed this dough

Joanne said...

I love that you turned this dough into bagels! I think that is absolutely ingenious. I'm so going to have to try it for one of our next doughs.

Mama Peck said...

What a great idea! Thanks for the step by step tutorial. Definitely on my 'gotta try' list. They look delish!

Michelle said...

I love these and think I will try out bagels with the Olive Spelt Bread! I love chicken sandwiches on bagels...so good!

Femalechef said...

What a great job.........great idea!!!

Elwood said...

bagels..what a great idea, they looked wonderful. You're inspiring me to try some of my own.

Bonnie said...

What a great tutorial on bagels. Thanks for posting such great photos. I too loved this dough. I'll have to try some bagels.

Mimi said...

Great idea!

Jessica said...

Your bagels have such a nice shape! When I've made them, they look rather...um sad and misshapen!

Old Pop said...

Great post about bagels. I too have found it easier to leave the paper on to get them in the water.

Aspiring Health Nut said...

Your bagels look delicious. I attempted to make bagels just the other day with the paper in the water trick and found that it is a LOT easier.

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