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Saturday, April 24, 2010

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got a stomach ache from all those sweet breads I have been posting about? If so don’t fear, I have a cure.

Fennel seeds help to eliminate stomach aches and stimulate digestion and figs are full of fiber, we just leave it at that.

So to cure your stomach ache just eat some of both in….sweet bread. Yup, I have another sweet bread for you. I am now convinced that you can not go wrong about getting “The Modern Baker” book.

This sweet bread is another recipe from there and it’s another winner. Awesome in fact, the combination of figs and fennel seeds is just brilliant. I would never have thought of it. Yet the moment you bite into it and taste the combination you know they are a match that was meant to be.

This is the 4th of the quick breads in this book. There are some savory kind to follow so don’t worry.

So far each and every recipe was just great. No doubt about it those 4 alone are well worth the price.

In fact I would even go as far as saying this fig and fennel bread is worth the price of the book.

If you are still not convinced head on over to your local library and see if they have a copy or can get you one.


The Modern Baker

Fennel Fig & Almond Bread

page 42


DSCF1407Like the other quick breads this recipe came together really quick and in my case all in one bowl. See, I really have to learn to read recipes before I make them and with that I mean the instructions not just the Ingredients list.

I became aware of my shortcomings when I read the Three clever Sisters blog about this bread. The blog talked about creaming the butter and bringing eggs to room temperature which I always do when I bake a Bundt cake or there like. However I did not read the instructions and simply melted the butter mixed it under the batter, added the eggs and than the rest.

Luckily the bread turned out fabulous and I will stick with this method from here on out. 

So scratching my head as I read this blog and going ….what? I head over to the cookbook and read the instructions AFTER I baked the bread.

Sure enough …Never mind though because it did turn out great and no matter how much lighter it might have turned out had I beaten the ‘wahoozy’ out of that butter I am very happy with the outcome and maybe just maybe I have finally learned my lesson to read the instructions prior to baking.

One thing to point out is that mine only took 35 minutes to bake not 60 like stated in the book.






gaaarp said...

Your bread looks so good, no one would ever guess you goofed on the instructions.

I really like the layout of your posts. Your pictures are fantastic, especially the collages.

Kayte said...

Your bread looks really good, so pretty, inside and out. We enjoyed this bread here as well...good to know about those fennel seeds being such a healthful help. The fennel seed pulverizing took me longer to do than the whole rest of the recipe!

Petra said...

gaaarp: You just made my day -grin- considering I really have no clue what I am doing with the camera or with blogging. It's a learning experience but yet so enriching. I am so happy I am so happy someone mentioned Picasa and that made all the difference in the layout. I bet there is so much more to the program but that too will be a learning experience.
***Now if I could figure out how to reply to a post under that post via blogger that would be great, any tips?

Kayte:Thanks Kayte, I did not pulverize my seed only crushed them to release the flavor.

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