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Saturday, May 15, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Pecorino & Pepper Biscuits

Oh yes, I love ‘me some biscuits and that any time of the day.
Pecorino Romano is a major player in this biscuit so I had to read up on it a little bit.
Apparently Pecorino Romano is one of four hard cheeses made in Italy from of ewe’s milk. This explains why it’s called Pecorino. The word pecora means sheep in Italian.
The Romano variety this recipe asks for is not appreciated in it’s place of origin. It’s considered to salty.
Ahm, I guess that is why they are exporting it to all of us.
No matter salty or not in these biscuits that cheese works just fine though I think I will add some more next time around.
Cracked pepper is another major player. I always have it in the house because it’s my pepper of choice. Just love cracked black pepper.
This is another The Modern Baker recipe and like all the other quick breads comes together just that, quickly.
I used my kitchen machine to shred up that cheese. That too was quick and easy.
This dough was much wetter than the cornbread. I needed some flour on my hands and on the board to get it together.
2010-05-124 The trick here was to avoid the temptation to twist the cutter. You will need a straight down cut. No twisting or turning.
Be careful not to over bake the biscuits. Mine where in there a few minutes to long. Still good but a tad dry. I will reduce my baking time to about 15 minutes next time and see from there.
Since I will bake through the entire book eventually with “The Modern Baker” group it’s a given that I will not post the recipe on my blog unless I see it on the net in which case I will link to that post.
See you next time.


Anonymous said...

Nice job. These biscuits were so good, weren't they? Another winner from what has so far been a great book.

Anonymous said...

I made mine with Parmesan, but have already bought Pecorino Romano to make this recipe again because we all loved it so much! Yours look great - nicely risen!

Kayte said...

I was supposed to make/post these on Saturday, but we were at a three day swim meet for my son, so it just didn't get done. Hopefully tomorrow. I love, love, love the look of yours! Inspiration indeed.

misterrios said...

Very nice! I love the height and color of your biscuits. I think I overbaked mine because they were dry. I didn't even consider shortening the bake time. Funny how I can bake bread, but biscuits elude me.

Rosemary & Garlic said...

I wish I had read your blog last night. My biscuits were a tad overdone. We liked them though.

Sorry you can't find the cheese.

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