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Friday, May 14, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Whole Grain Garlic knots – HBin5

The second bread made of the master dough have a nice twist to them….literally.

HBin5 Whole Grain Garlic knots
May 15th Bread Braid
1 full Master Recipe

                               you can find the recipe here

2010-05-132 This part reminds me of my childhood more to the point the good old ‘play dough” times. In other words this is the time you get to play with the dough that will become your food.  2010-05-133 This is what gives the knot it’s name, garlic.
A quick trick to easily peel garlic is to press down onto the knife with your fist/palm. The garlic will split and you can easily remove it’s skin.
Next time I make this bread I will go a bit of a different route.
This bread was great but I did not like the coloring or look after the baking. The Parsley did not stand up to the intense heat. Next time I would make an infusion of the oil and parsley than add the garlic. 
This post will be linked to Michelle’s blog Big black dogs. Head on over there to see what the other bakers in this group did with this dough.


Mama Peck said...

Your knots are so beautifully formed. I appreciate the picture series- I'm a visual learner. :) Thanks for the great suggestion of an infusion too.

Femalechef said...

Great photography................great bread!!!

Cathy (breadexperience) said...

Wow! Everything looks so beautiful and tasty!

Ezzie said...

Looks so yummy to me! I love the closeup of the crumb. Can just taste it in my head...oh yum!

Cristie said...

I didn't make the garlic butter when I made the knots, thanks so much for the suggestion to hold off on the parsley until later. I'll use that tomorrow with my last pound of dough. Your knots are beautiful!

Joanne said...

I didn't get to make these but good to know about the parsley! These look so cute!

Lynda said...

Petra, Those are beautiful. I'll have to try those when I have time. Thanks for all of the pictures.

Elwood said...

Great suggestion about the oil infusion. Such great photos and such great looking bread!

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