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Thursday, May 13, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Ginger Scones with Almond Toppings

went to bed dreaming not of sugar plums but of candied ginger. Oh boy, I am still over the moon about how well they turned out. If you missed it you can read all about it here.

With the candied ginger taken care off I skipped to the kitchen to get bakin’ on another The Modern Baker quick bread recipe.
This recipe too did not fail my expectations. Not as gingery or sweet as one might think but very good.
I used 5 oz. of candied ginger and though they where quite spicy when eaten on their own they where not so in those scones. It’s a pleasure to bite into the scones and hit a piece of very soft ginger and have that aroma fill your mouth. Yum, is what sums it up.

Like with all of Malgieri’s quick bread recipes these came together quickly. I really enjoy using my food processor for those types of recipes. All you do is mix your dry ingredients. Add your cold butter and pulse until it’s coarse (sandy like). Than  you add your liquid and pulse until the dough combines and no more. That’s it, really simple and easy. All you have to do now is dump it all onto your baking surface (I have a big wooden board) and shape the scones. It takes no more than 15 minutes if at all. The danger is that you are done before your oven is preheated ;).

I was able to find the recipe online here.

If you don’t have the book head on over to "Baking for neighbors" and make those scones today. Right after taking your first bite order your copy at Amazon or wherever you like to get your books from because you will be wanting more.
I can not see how you would be disappointed with this book. 

See you in the Kitch’n soon!



Kayte said...

These are gorgeous...love the process photos you always do, too. You make it all sound so good, can't wait to get to these. Not kidding, yours scones look out of this world delicious and pretty.

Anonymous said...

These look great! I have to do the candied ginger and make these again. Thanks for the write up.

misterrios said...

Beautiful. Wonderful. Your posts are making me excited for these!

Anonymous said...

I like your montage. Makes me want to try the recipe really soon!

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