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Sunday, January 31, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Soft whole wheat Sandwich Bread, Hamburger Buns and Apple Strudel Bread (2. HBin5)

                    I am still on cloud nine with last month bread breads.
The Epi was just so pretty. Almost as pretty as all that snow we finally received.
DSCF0820 I just love to look out my office window because this is what I see. To the left you see a “Zwetschgen” tree with a compost bin right underneath. The pole to the right was hosting “black beans” last summer.
As I was whipping up this batch of the soft whole wheat dough for the first challenge of this month bread braid I was wondering if my search for a quick and tasty hamburger roll was over. The eggs and honey should make for a nice and soft texture.


After an overnight chill I pulled up my sleeves and got to work.
I formed the loaf and placed it in an 8.5 x 4.5 inch loaf pan and covered it. I don’t cover mine with plastic foil but with a square clear pan like this.
DSCF0771                        The sandwich bread is to the left and the apple strudel bread is to the right
The picture above points to the fact that the apple strudel bread was next. I had a feeling that this was not going to be one of my favorites. I just love real Apple strudel to much. I will give it a try anyhow. 

                 DSCF0782 DSCF0793 


The loafs came out looking beautiful and the cut ones are not bad either. However the taste was not to our liking. I admit that the apple loaf ended up in the trash.

If you look close you can see my very small German kitchen. The stove is also my workbench. I simply place my wooden baking board over the glass top and voila i have more space to work on. 


This is how we enjoyed the sandwich loaf. Toasted, with butter and homemade jam. In this case grape-mint made in the fall of 2008.

So on my list I had.
   Pgs.. 92-93 Soft whole wheat sandwich bread
   Pgs.. 94-95 Hamburger buns
  Pgs. 233-234 Apple strudel bread
Aha, the buns are still open. Yup, i made them too. I had enough dough leftover to make four buns.



As beautiful as those buns look the taste did not convince me and so my search for a quick and easy bun goes on….
So was it worth baking these recipes?
You bet it was. Though the taste was not really to my personal liking I am still glad I tried and I know that these recipes will be loved by many.
So get yourself a book and try them yourself. Next report on HBin5 will be on the 15th but until then I will post some other goodies.  So don’t forget to mark my page and come back often.


Michelle said...

I love the pastic pan/containers you use to put your bread in for the raise. What a great idea and something I'm going to look for TOMORROW!

Your loaf of Soft WW Bread turned out so beautiful and one of the best shaped loaves I've seen yet. Such a nice consistent crumb too!

Sorry about the Apple Streudel Bread, I knew that it would not go over well in my house so I made the little Pocket Pies instead which everyone seemed to love!

Hey, who's reflection is that in the toaster?


Petra said...

Michelle, check your pantry, chances are you have something that you can use already. My containers hold the Christmas cookies during Advents. When I saw your pockets I was like, yup that woud have gone over much better. Gread idea.

Joanne said...

I'm sorry that these weren't to your liking! They certainly look delicious.

You should try the brioche burger buns that are on my blog. You might find you like those better. They are not no-knead but they came together with very little hands-on time!

Kim said...

I loved seeing how you proofed the dough for your loaves. I've always used a kitchen towel, but I like how you used those clear containers. The loafs look delicious.

CMC said...

Great idea to use the large plastic containers to cover the loaves during the proofing.

Chow and Chatter said...

wow great job, love the picture oh and homemade jam perfect with the bread lol

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

Hello! I see you in the toaster ;) What a great idea to use plastic containers to put over your bread! I made my dough with white whole wheat flour and used melted butter instead of oil - maybe that's why we liked the apple strudel bread more than you did.

Cristie said...

Love the toaster picture! And the jam sounds like one I need to try. Your breads and buns looked wonderful.

Bonnie said...

Love your reflection in the toaster.

Old Pop said...

Have you tried White Whole Wheat as suggested in some of the other posts?

Petra said...

Old Pop and savoring time in the kitchen: I wished I could get some. I loved it when we lived in the states. I live in Germany now. Also found that I have a severe contact allergie to wheat but much less with spelt so my flour of choice is spelt. I will however see how i can play with my grinder and sifter to make a mix that might work better or see what a health store might offer.

Joanne: I printed your recipe and will give it a try. Maybe this weekend. I will report about my results and what we thought.

Heather B said...

Your bread looks delicious! Great job!

Cathy (breadexperience) said...

Petra, this dough wasn't my favorite either but you're right, it was worth baking and now it's upward and onward to the next bread. Happy Baking!

Aparna said...

Your breads look pretty good. My strudel loaf had those colour variations too.
Didn't like the strudel loaf much, but really liked the WW buns, more so considering they were WW. :)

Elwood said...

Grape mint jam..yum...And I agree that the plastic covers are a great idea.

Jenny said...

I like your container idea--never thought of that before. Sorry you didn't like it so much. I didn't get to the apple bread myself.

Jenny said...

I like your container idea--never thought of that before. Sorry you didn't like it so much. I didn't get to the apple bread myself.

Jenny said...

I like your container idea--never thought of that before. Sorry you didn't like it so much. I didn't get to the apple bread myself.

Jenny said...

I like your container idea--never thought of that before. Sorry you didn't like it so much. I didn't get to the apple bread myself.

Judy's Bakery & Test Kitchen said...

Great idea for proofing your loaves! I think I have some unused plastic shoeboxes that would work! Wonderful tip! Sorry you didn't like the apple strudel loaf. Maybe try it with chocolate chips--my hubby suggested that.

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