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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

PostHeaderIcon Easy Potato Rolls as seen on “The kitchn”

I finally have found my go to Potato rolls recipe. These rolls are so good that I am on my third batch since discovering the recipe less than two weeks ago. They are so nice and flaky just like a potato roll ought to be.

                                 You can find the recipe here at Thekitchn.com

When I make my dough I mix all of the ingredients together at the same time. One less step and it works just fine.
If you are unsure about how your yeast performs you might want to go ahead with that extra step and get it activated first.
To get the potato water I simply keep some of it in freezer bags after cooking potatoes and I keep those bags in the freezer until needed.
I like to use as little processed food as I can and would not recommend using the potato flakes. The potato water is free since most of us dump it out after the potatoes are cooked. All you have to do is think ahead and save some in your freezer.
The dough is very wet so the time in the fridge is a must because that is what makes this dough workable with very little extra flour and I think that is also what creates the nice texture. Might be all the bubbles it creates during that fermentation period. 
I shape 12-15 rolls and place them 3 in a row in a 9x13 pan. Like this than cover it to proof. My pan came with a cover so that is what I use.
DSCF0805 During the winter (it’s so cold here) I place it on a radiator in my dining room otherwise it could take hours for it to double.
DSCF0806 After they about double I brush them with milk or some milk/cream mixture and bake them.Mommy's Kitchen
DSCF0807 These are seriously addictive. So do yourself a favor, cook some potatoes for dinner and whip yourself a batch up tonight and serve them tomorrow.

Update: I linked these rolls to Mommy's Kitchen on March 7


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